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You Think Hitting A Regular Pothole Is Bad?
50% Of Owner Operators Fail Within 2 Years
Because They Hit "Administrative Potholes"
Company drivers don't have to worry about
administrative potholes, but Owner Operators do.
“Administrative potholes” appear in your trucking business when you unknowingly violate tax regulations, violate state laws, violate DOT regulations, or fail to keep proper records.
By the time you find out that you've violated them, it's because you just got fined thousands of dollars OR you have been forced by the government to park your truck until you get it fixed.
The good news is you can 100% protect yourself from administrative potholes by making sure your business is setup by experts like us to be compliant from day 1.
Why Clients Trust Us?
Hear from Our Happy Clients
With the most 5-star reviews in the industry, we provide expert service through our licensed, trained professionals.
That means you can always trust our team to be courteous, friendly, and handle your issues with the utmost care.
Peter Anderson
March 2024
“ I enthusiastically recommend their professional services to anyone in search of convenient access. With their user-friendly compliance package-builder online, I was able by myself to construct my own compliance package with just a few inquiries in less than 10 minutes! I'm overjoyed at the convenience and expedience of the process.”
Kevin Windberg
March 2024
“Everything is online and easy to access. Highly recommend to anyone who's looking for professional services with easy access.”
Lisa Rosebella
March 2024
“I'm happy with the service I received. Speaking with the support team helped me get exactly what I was looking for. The only reason not to give 5 stars is the fact that I had to separately claim for the special deal, rather than it being automatic, and this info wasn't stated anywhere. Thank you again.”
How We Setup Your Business To Protect You From
Administrative Potholes
We "cook" your DoT # (ask us how this will save you $15,000+)
Create your EIN
Take care of your UCR
Registration (up to 2
Setup your Driver
Qualification File
Do your IRP Registration
Do your Clearinghouse Registration
Enroll you in our Drugs & Alcohol/
Consortium Program
Take care of your 2290
Heavy Use Tax
We are your trucking business
advisor before and after we setup
your business
Simple and Effective
How It Works
Customize Your Owner Operator Package
Not sure what your trucking business needs? Find out and pay only for what you need.
Meet With One Of Our Trucking Consultants
We will meet with you over the phone or through a Zoom call to make sure you understand everything and collect information we need to set up your trucking business for you.
We’ll Get Your Trucking Business Up And Running
We take care of all the phone calls, emails, filings, and more so you can focus on getting your truck ready.
You Focus On Delivering Loads While We keep Your Business Compliant
Now that your business is set up correctly from day 1, you don’t have to worry about costly “administrative potholes” costing you time and money. And if you ever need compliance help we are just 1 phone call or email away.
About Us
How We got Started
While serving as a trusted insurance partner to small and large trucking for many years under Firgos Trucking Insurance, we often to heard our clients complain about compliance issues, the related costs or fines, and the meticulous work that’s required to pass the DOT New Entrant Audit. As a team determined to help our trucking clients succeed, we started DCM.

DCM offers an array of services to help new, existing and growing trucking companies navigate the complexities of FMCSA and DOT compliance regulations. As a rising star in the trucking compliance industry, we want to pair our years of industry experience with your operational needs and get your moving in the right directions.
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Unparalleled Expertise
Meet the Team
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Project Manager
Customer Relationship
Customer Relationship
Customer Relationship
We Work With all Sizes
Services Based on Your Needs
New Ventures
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Large Fleets
No matter where you are on the Road to success, we provide customizable solutions for your needs.
Corporate filings
MC #
UCR Registration
Driver Qualification Files (DQF)
IRP Registration
IRP Renewals
Drug & Alcohol Consortium
SCAC Code Application
IFTA Registration
Clearinghouse Registration
2290 Heavy Use Tax
State permits
UIIA Application Assistance
IFTA Renewals
State permits
Compliance Monitoring
SCAC Code Application
Household Goods (HHG)
Policies & Procedures Manual
UCR Renewal
Driver Qualification Files (DQF)
Clearinghouse Registration
UIIA Application Assistance
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